Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you submit pitches to our company. No more than two chapters. All submissions should be written in English, use Microsoft Word, 12 point font, double spaced, with 1" margins, and if you want privacy only reference your nom de plume, and be sent via email to Ms. Queen at

If you value your privacy then no personal information, please. We recommend you set up a free email with your nom de plume for submission to protect your privacy. The only time we will ask for personal information is when we are ready to negotiate a contract and send a non-disclosure agreement and even then, we will give you specific information to be able to reach out to us, first.

What we're looking for because we love a good story:

At McKenzie Quinn we love a good story! We are most interested in creative fiction pitches for action/adventure, fantasy, fiction, romance , science fiction, and speculative fiction. (Age range does not matter.) We love a good story! This does not mean we won't consider other types of works, just that your chances of selection are extremely slim, unless you can surprise us. Have I mentioned, we love a good story?

What we're not looking for - as a general rule of thumb: (We reserve the right to amend this list at any time!) But, We Love a Good Story...

  • Non-fiction - But we love a good story, so you might be able to change our mind on this.

  • Horror, Suspense, or Thrillers

  • Comic Books or Graphic Novels

  • Plays

  • TV/Movie Manuscripts